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The Eastern Shore of Virginia is a Photographer's Paradise, and the vicinity around Cape Charles and Bay Creek is as good as the Eastern Shore gets.  The following galleries present my images of life on the Eastern Shore of Virginia, which is a wonderful place to relax and enjoy Mother Nature at her best.    With the Chesapeake Bay to the West, and the Atlantic Ocean to the East, the area in and around Cape Charles  (click link to see location map) is truly a paradise, and the photographic opportunities are limitless.   I retired in 2006, and if I'm not golfing or fishing, I'm out taking pictures or playing with them on my computer.  Life is good!

Website Update Notice

In March 2017, I rolled over two years of new images into the site galleries, and implemented a new slideshow format for image viewing utilizing Java instead of Flash.   The latter was causing me problems since the regular iPhone browser is not compatible with Flash.   Java seems to run faster as well - Enjoy the show .. :-)


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If an image catches your eye, they can be purchased in almost any size (Click Here for a Price Sheet). My long-lasting prints are made on high quality Lustre, Glossy or Matte photo paper using archival inks, and can be printed or matted to your specifications for custom framing. 

In addition to image sales, other services related to digital imaging can be provided including scanning, re-printing, restoration (examples provided below), and development of custom-made products such as invitations, greeting cards, letterheads, logos, etc. ..

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New Images
Drone Images
Golf Course Images
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Eastern Shore Imaging



New Images Page

On a periodic basis, I update this site with new pictures, and as more and more images get added to the site, it can be hard to keep up with what's new and what's not.  To facilitate the occasional visitor, I've developed this New Images page as a 'temporary residence' for recent photos.  As time goes by, I'll move the new images to their rightful homes and load up a new batch .. hope you all enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoy taking them .. ! 
bulletUploaded 4/1/17:  March 25 Field Walk
bulletUploaded 8/8/17:  Summer Scenics
bulletUploaded 8/8/17:  Summer Wildlife

Drone Images

For Christmas 2015, my youngest daughter gave an old dog a new trick .. a Phantom 3 Drone.   A new photography adventure began and I have the perfect playground for my "play" - Bay Creek.  With the Chesapeake Bay, Plantation Creek,  all the adjacent ponds, woods and the Palmer and Nicklaus golf courses, I have the perfect environment for my drone.  I hope you enjoy my images .. !!





Golf Course Images

Sunsets on the Chesapeake are indescribably beautiful, and the opportunity to experience the setting sun is there every night.  It is a real challenge to capture the beauty of reality.

Bay Creek Resort has two exceptional "Signature" courses, one by Jack Nicklaus and one by Arnold Palmer.  Not only are they enjoyable to play, they are beautiful to look at.




Bay Creek & Vicinity Scenery

Cape Charles is situated at the southwestern tip of the Delmarva Peninsula.    
Surrounded by the Atlantic and the Chesapeake Bay, the lower peninsula with its many creeks and large variety of habitat is a bird watchers dream ..

The Bay Creek community and surrounding area can be stunning in its beauty.   Bay Creek consists of almost 2,000 acres, and much of it is landscaped in a manner that has to be seen to be believed.



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The Bay Creek landscaping consists of an endless variety of color as the seasons progress from spring to fall.   The flowers, flowering shrubs, and trees make wonderful subjects for the camera. Although I certainly enjoy wandering around the Eastern Shore searching out photo opportunities, I also often find myself engrossed in restoring old photographs.  The preservation of memories is a very rewarding pastime.

Destinations & Day Trips

Hog Island - one of Virginia's unspoiled barrier islands, you can find untouched  beaches,  forests, and salt marshes as well as the abundant native  wildlife

Kings Creek - The mouth of this inlet is at the Bay Creek Marina, and its upper reaches provides the visitor with some beautiful views of nature

Eyre Hall - This celebrated 18th century plantation on Cherrystone Creek is one of the most photographed properties in the Mid-Atlantic region

Fisherman Island - Fisherman Island is the southernmost island on the Delmarva Peninsula chain of barrier islands. Located at the entrance to the Chesapeake Bay,

Kiptopeke Bird Banding - Licensed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, volunteers capture, examine, weigh, band and release resident and migratory birds each year from mid-August through November.

Hawaii 2011 Pics
A month on the Big Island - a great vacation with best friends ..



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