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The landscaping and natural areas of Bay Creek are breathtaking.  The Resort is situated between the Chesapeake Bay and Plantation Creek and its many inlets.   Each season brings a new perspective, as does each sunrise and sunset - every time you ride through the community, you observe some new scene that catches the eye - the photographic opportunities are endless.


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Bay Creek Landscapes

With the feel of a botanical garden built in a natural environment consisting of forests, ponds, and inlets, there is beauty to behold almost anywhere one chooses to look .. it you just take the time to open your eyes.   The Eastern Shore in general, and Bay Creek in particular, is a remarkable place to enjoy Mother Nature at her most sublime best.


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Golf Course Scenics

The molding of the natural environment into  world-class golf courses resulted in the development of some remarkable scenery, as the fairways wind between pine forests and along the shore of the Chesapeake Bay.

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Bay Creek Roses

Bay Creek’s landscaping incorporates an uncountable number of knockout rose plantings that flower from May into October.  The May bloom is a must see as the associated scenic vistas are amazing.


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Aquatic Scenes

The Eastern Shore’s landscape is dominated by water views resulting from our proximity to the Chesapeake Bay and its many creeks and inlets.   Our local marine environment, with its sights and sounds, is nature at its best.


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Unique Compositions

Cloud formations, the Moon, fireworks and a variety of happenstance images that may be of interest to the viewer.

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Winter Wanderings

It doesn’t snow often on the Eastern Shore, but when it does it provides a very different perspective of our surrounding environment.


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