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On a periodic basis, I update this site with new pictures, and as more and more images get added to the site, it can be hard to keep up with what's new and what's not.  To facilitate the occasional visitor, I've developed this New Images page as a 'temporary residence' for recent photos.  As time goes by, I'll move the new images to their rightful homes and load up a new batch .. hope you all enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoy taking them .. !  

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Spring Field Walks

 It has been a wet/cold/windy winter.  I haven't been out & about since Thanksgiving – a long time since I went into the field. I've started to see some ospreys back in the area, and there was an eagle nest that may have 'occupants' so I grabbed my camera in late March and April to see if anything would be flying around.

I found a nesting pair of ospreys hanging out in last year's nest, and two eagles flying in the vicinity of their nest. I didn't see any actual in-nest activity, so not sure if there is a baby in there or not?  I’ll have to keep watch.  Heron's are always around, and some spring blooms caught my eye as well. All the roses look flush with new growth, but it will be a while before a full bloom. It was good to be outside and not freezing to death .. !!!

Summer Wildlife


A couple of Ospreys lit up by a setting sun.  They serenade us all summer with their whistles and calls but will be gone in a couple of months so enjoy them while you can ..


Cardinals – what beautiful birds!  They have been hanging around my deck picking up scraps left by all the finches, so I finally built them a feeder of their own - they love it.   It seems “late in the year”, but I've got a male cardinal apparently very attractive to two females who seem to be in breeding plumage?  I think the cardinals have a nest in adjacent shrubs .. ?  I've seen the male "mate feeding' both females, who seem to be OK with taking turns.


Hummers - Lots of hummers around our deck this year.   The hot weather seems to make my hummers hungry. I got a picture of one taking a break from my feeders to sample some of the "natural stuff" .. 

As you probably know, they are very territorial and can be aggressive – I somehow captured an “Attack” in a 3-shot (images 2-4) sequence.  By way of introduction, the little green hummer is the "lady" who normally just takes her turn at an empty feeder (image 1); the red-necked guy 'at the bar' tends to hog the feeder (image 2) ... Well, apparently, the little lady knows when enough is enough - check out the image 3 - 4 sequence - duration between shots is about 0.1 sec.  The "attack" pic was shot at 1/1250 sec .. imagine the speed of that lady coming in from above like a guided missile to just be a blur .. !!


Butterflies:  Very welcome summer visitors; they always seem to brighten up our flower gardens


Summer Scenics

bulletA collage of azaleas taken early in the summer during the peak bloom at Bay Creek.  An amazing display!
bulletA Memorial Day walk around the yard. Lots of different lilies in bloom, as well as mums and our oak leaf hydrangeas. I've never seen so many buds on our magnolias – everything sure looks healthy.  As long as I was wandering, a 'giant' hosta caught my eye as well.
bulletA collage from the Cape Charles July 4th fireworks. For a small town, Cape Charles puts on a remarkable display .. !!!
bulletLate afternoon images from the east shore of Cherrystone Inlet



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